Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sham Glitter Wedding (1/14/16)

"Hanging out, doing stuff, at LoQun's house - luv her cuz she's hot"

We are invited to attend the wedding of the youngest daughter of the Queen of Nyland (a crazy matriarchy). After some hesitation, we decide to accept the invitation because it will either be a fancy party or a chance to fight, so win-win!

Traveling in black caravans, we are escorted by Nyland knights for three days of travel to Perhonen. In the middle of the first night, a group of bandits attack. We killed those dudes and were pleasantly surprised to see our knight-escorts helping. We decide to stay in an inn. After a brief montage sequence, we arrive in Perhonen.

Once we arrive and check in, we find that LoQun has a suite (obvi), Aceldama, Durga, and Fade all have modest rooms, and Xolo is left with a broom closet. Fade and Xolo go sneaking around independently and run into each other. Xolo questions a maid about the guest list - he charm spells her and claims he needs to know for fear of running into an ex - she tells him that Leoland the cleric has the list, and she upgrades his room.

Fade gets into the rafters in the knights' barracks. Turns out to be pointless, so she goes back to her room to masturbate.

The castle is a retreat of sorts/summer home for the matriarchy. The Princess is quite vapid and kicks it here all the time while she parties and acts like a basic.

Aceldama slept through the night, and decides to get an early start by hitting up the local blacksmith. She's in the market for some kitten armor for Amparo.

The Demon Report: the princess is not magic and she slept a lot. Couldn't find the prince because we don't know who he's supposed to be. LoQun decides to network with the nobility to gather some more intel on the Prince-to-be...and also to determine whose kingdoms she can conquer.

Xolo heads out to the cathedral to speak with Leoland. He asks to see the guest list, is swiftly denied, so slips into the shadows.

Durga goes drinking and hears that many people are getting charmed.

LoQun goes to the nobility mixer - it's boring. She finds out that the prince is named Grimsley. He's handsome, but he's only been around for a month. There's also some dude who doesn't want Grimsley to marry Princess Novelle. Additionally, Leoland is out to get the royal family because he's been slighted, but he's excited for the wedding. Basically, not much is known about Grimsley other than he seems to be a distant cousin of the princess and comes from the Throbbin Peninsula.

Fade is bathing and overhears some maids who believe the marriage is cursed because men from the Throbbin Peninsula can't marry women.

The Captain of the Guards goes to talk to Leoland and seems miffed by the marriage. Xolo follows the guard who is asking around about Grimsley. She seems very not into him, and perhaps has a crush on the princess? Aceldama overhears that the prince is just into the money, and further verification that the princess is pretty much an idiot.

Fade gets out of the bath, pulls a knife on one of the maids. Learns that no one has seen the prince in days. Fade runs back to her room.

Guests get corsages and LoQun's demons are in place. Everyone is tense. People show up with their guards. Servers are clearly undercover security and the place is full of magic energy. The crew recognizes that Grimsley is none other than stupid Galder the Glitter Wizard! LoQun is furious! When it gets to the part where objections happen, LoQun sentences Galder to death and tells the crowd that he's wanted in Blanche.

LoQun rips off her Sered illusion. Xolo creates a spectacle of color spray. LoQun casts "Rod of Rulership" over member of the wedding and the guards. Mass amounts of fighting ensue.

The corsages contained a hypnosis spell....There's a glitter explosion as Galder gets his throat slit...