Sunday, May 31, 2015

the Black Book Club (8/28/14)

While Aceldama was out in the Tinder Forest, Hausu cats attack. Sered vanishes into thin air and Noreak closes the rift between two worlds. The other heroes fight a shitty dragon.

Back in the library in Blanche...Pointless Glitter Wizard is back. He is begging tearfully for help because his cleric sister Claudia gets tied up in sex slavery.

The seedy part of Blanche - the Lower Bottoms - is getting more influence and sex slavery is on the rise. Claudia worships the sun god and is a super good noble who believes in relieving suffering. We haggle for 35% up front and the use of Gaulder's teleportation skills.

Once we reach Lobot, we come across the Rusty Nail Club full of murderers and creeps, and a pearl-like fancy maple syrup that people are using to get high. Rampant drug problems. Noreak basically lights the bar on fire. However, Sered saved the bartender and converts him to become "God-curious."

Ludlow AKA "Luddy" is the main pearl dealer and has a gaudy estate close to Lobot. Sered shoots crotch-chains to bind the guards and Luddy. Durga intimidates Luddy and he spills it - Claudia had come to him to ask him to stop selling pearl.

BLACK BOOK CLUB - wealthy mason-like group that is using pearl as recreation. They got bored and started raping other races. Nathan Broadmore hosts.

Durga chokes out Luddy and Aceldama decapitates the guards. We don't clean up our shit.

There is a dungeon in the lowest level of the house. We hear grunts and screaming and then see some expensive clothes, which leads us to believe ---ORGY?
There are 11 men naked, but not currently chained. Glitter Wizard turns one dude into a toad. Nathan Broadmore  has a chode.

We find Claudia, but then Glitter Wizard disappears, and Claudia tells us that she doesn't have a brother. In a rare mood of anti-violence, Aceldama takes Claudia to get a drink while everyone else kills off the rest of the Black Book Club.

And we realize - WE STILL NEED OUR $$$ GLITTER WIZARD!!!!

(Fade wants to free the people and the animals)

Meet the Glitter Wizard (7/9/14)

One yeti escapes, but we have the Eye of Vireo to find magic things. Durga crumbles a wall to a tunnel.

Ghostfleshseekers - progeny of cannibalism, pure evil - dig tunnels under spooky shit. The tunnels are dangerous and force solo contact.

Gaulder (the Glitter Wizard) snaps his fingers to spell out a name in fireworks. He wants the Eye of Vireo and is accompanied by four bandits. Throws a missile. The minions are pointless. Gaulder lightning strikes and hits Fade, but misses everyone else.

We should have killed him, but he escaped - all his spells were failures.

Later at the bar...Aceldama and Fade discover that they were on the same plantation back home, but don't press further about information. Too many bad memories.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Eye of Vireo + Noreak (6/19/14)

Balasar and Ennath retire from the crew due to procreation obligations. We pick up this Eladrin Runepriest, Noreak, to help round out the gang.

Back to Blanche and the Master Librarian. Sered partially got Cheeto's mind back, but we still don't know if he is possessed or not.

THE EYE OF VIREO - is an artifact that can help our crew find the Prothumia and Clayton. We head to some abandoned ruins up north. They are made of black stone, craggy, snowy, and blizzardy. Avalanches are a problem. The ruins have been carved into a crater.

Yeti howlers - wailing ghosts of those killed in avalanches. Premature death. Howls precede avalanche time. Aceldama and Noreak kill some yetis. Then we get into a dungeon.

Found some magic items: Aceldama gets some Walk on Water Boots, Fade gets some Shadow Leaf Armor, Noreak gets a Belt of Vigor, and Durga some Gauntlets of Overstrength.

We come across Vireo's ghost. Aceldama kills that dude, but he leaves behind a crystallized eye (see above). She gives it to Noreak for safe-keeping.

Sentient Misty pt. 1

Agitated, I awaken. The night air is cool and crisp on my rump. There is danger near. I hate trolls. Always poking, and asking for money. This wasn't a troll though. Or was it? No, no it's probably a bird, I hate birds too.

In any case I gallop down a winding path to the group sitting around a fire. There I see a handsome, tall, shadowy, man with a dark features and piercing eyes, and some other people.
"Master!" I whinny, he turns and with a sparkle in his eye recognizes my distraught state of mind.
"What's wrong Misty?" He asks.

I snort like this. Whipping my beautiful, silky, black mane.

"There's danger." He tells the others, "Probably trolls, Misty hates trolls..." Suddenly alert the group stops discussing the philosophical implications of a (most likely) delicious, sandwich containing spells of mass destruction.

"To Arms Companions!" the Green man with the big boobs says, roaring with triumph before any triumph has been had. The whole group, including my master seems suddenly even more alert. At the corners of my peripheral vision, I see them: a man with a rat face, a man with a fish face, a man in a dress, and... a troll! Disgusting. I hate trolls.

I rear up and bellow, wild eyed and beautiful. When I land I gallop toward the troll.

"Noooo! Misty, don't!" The Shadowy man yells. But it's too late, when I get crazy eyes there's no stopping me. I charge the troll, thinking of their gross gnarled fingers and unkempt, yellowed finger nails... poking... their raspy voices, "Do you have any spare change," disgusting.

I rear on the troll and land my hooves on his stupid, ugly troll face. The troll goes down like an apple falling from a tree, but unlike a tasty treat gently landing in the grass, his head explodes like an overripe plum under the pressure of my well manicured hooves. But it's not enough. I continue alternately stamping each of my front hooves all over his body like I'm making apple sauce, until his entire body is pulverized. Purple troll blood squirts in every direction. Each squish makes me feel as if a little goodness has returned to the world.

After what seems like hours I turn on the corpse and kick my back leg so dust flies over the body. I can see in my peripheral vision that the group is stunned. The Green one slowly begins to clap his big manly hands, the elf and the Black one have stopped in the middle of their spell preparation to gape. My master's sister licks her lips.

My master simply states, "What can I say? He hates trolls..."
Proud, I canter off the board, letting out a satisfied sigh. In the background I can hear them beginning to battle, but I know they'll be fine now that the troll is gone. I'm going to get double brushings for this tomorrow. Pretty, pretty.

Arena Time Continues (6/5/14)

Still battling Clayton von Trashperson...

Globs of translucent slime oozes. Cheeto kills an ooze with fire damage. Durga inflicts massive fire damage to five ninjas. Aceldama takes out some grey slime. Sered invokes his god.

Cheeto gets stabbed by Clayton creating a red crackly time. Attacks Sered with mind control. Aceldama kicks the sword out of hand, lands on the ground, but then goes back into the hands repossessed. Light engulfs Cheeto and unpossessed Cheeto takes the sword.

Clayton takes off. No explanation - not resolved. Sered gets the impression that the sword is still fused with Cheeto, but he has control of his faculties.

Meet Clayton Von Trashperson (5/15/14)

(Level 3)

Clayton von Trashperson is our prime target. He teleports into our scene and kidnaps each person to a foreign arena. A land of red deserts and shallow craters.

Aceldama kills the boss. Durga kills someone. Aceldama kills someone else. Sered kills a bunch of people.

Nightmare Epidemic (3/31/14)

Nightmares become an epidemic in the city of Malt. We return to Blanche to get Cheeto (a shapeshifter) and arrive just before nightfall. Everyone is haggard and hysterical from lack of sleep, and everything is boarded up. Malt is a small walled city where everything is made of stone. Short buildings and only one gate to get in.

HISTORY: Malt used to have a longer name. They have been at war with the Tieflings (who don't have their own realm), and the farmers in this town suffered from an ethnic cleansing 300 years ago. Old rambling women and merchants - 3 weeks of nightmares. Always seeing horned things - screaming, blood in shadows. Some people see ghosts.

Sered senses weird energies (but not necrotic) more "chaotic arcs of energy" - OCCULT?

The Muscle Crew goes to the barracks. Talks to Guard Captain and finds that people are stealing sleep aids from the apothecary. He's panicky, but not violent. Worried about riots. People having the same nightmares.

One person has disappeared before the nightmares started. His name was Amnon and he was a Tiefling blacksmith apprentice. A young bachelor..

People come to the Inn worried that their homes are possessed. However, recently the innkeeper also had nightmares. Adrik - a dwarf blacksmith has also seen ghosts. The Tiefling War Museum is closed and a ghost appears below the museum. The blacksmith is upset about the disappearance of his apprentice.

The shop was in disarray when he left - ghosts show up all the time beckoning him to follow them. Found Amnon's journal.

We break into the museum and scale the walls to follow the ghosts.

Pass a former graveyard. Crypt Kruthick live in warrens. We kill three of them and a bunch of hatchlings. Enter a bloody forge underground. A dude with the Prothumia teleports in and Amnon is at the anvil. There is a sword made of the Tieflings' blood in the old war.

Ennath summons panther spirits/ghosts to remove fire. Amnon has been in a trance and his nightmares have been infecting the town...

Meet the Lands of Petrillo


Divided between the city of Blanche and rural farmers
Merchant-based economy - banking and armies


Full of Knights - focus on virtue and honor
Kingdom in the Mountains, but surrounded by prairies
Artisan, timber, and mining economy


Ruled by a council of Magi
Mysterious place - only adventurers and merchants come and go
Most not on the council are slaves to the council [BOO! - the Githzerai]
Economy based on magic items and fetishes

Zombies in a town like Soledad ("It's Happening" - 3/6/14)

People are getting murdered by a shadow in a small town called Tellyar (like Soledad).

There's a Blacksmith, an Inn, and a Dry Goods Shop. At the Inn we find out from Alamon the innkeeper that there have been five murders at night - all killed in their beds.  The blacksmith (George) saw his own daughter killed.

Darrell is a forester killed in an accident (a tree fell on him). His wife Sandra is in mourning. Charlie (alive, drunk, & distraught) and his brother Sam (a potato farmer with purple marks on his neck) are also present at the inn. Susan is a chatty neighbor who mentions rituals to appease forest spirits and talks about a cat. Elle is the barmaid - runs into Ennath (our Wilden Shaman) at the store. Elle was sleeping with two dead foresters. The first, Borrow,  into beer and poetry, but kinda a boring dude. The second, Glenn, is from Blanche and Elle is into him.

The shadow gets stronger with each kill. Find a crypt "Simenon" in graveyard - a spiritual drain, "necromantic shit"


Sered destroys the altar/obelisk. Ennath's panthers kill the demon! Sandra had tried to resurrect her husband, but in fact created a necrotic portal.

Warehouse by the Docks/Prothumia (1/21 & 2/3/2014)

The heroes all meet each other. Catch a thief at an abandoned warehouse by the docks. The Prothumia is missing and if we can find it - REWARD! Looking at the book is punishable by death, but Sered NEEDS to read the book.

Black flames destroy ships with people. Black Smoke Man takes the book.

Aceldama (a Githzerai Ranger) & Durga (a Half-Orc Barbarian)