Wednesday, March 23, 2016

the Ascension (2/11/16)

Galder is DEAD!!

LoQun keeps the wedding calm - gleeful laughter from Galder who becomes a glimmering image rather than an actual body. The spirit stands up - a god called Ali-Demara; god of wine, joy, entertainment, & jokes. Misery, tolerance, and solemnity are the greatest poisons to the soul.

As a quick recap: The Will have ties to Clayton and also possess the Tiefling sword
LoQun anime laughs. Gets props for dealing with the Prothumia. We are instructed to Kill the Will or they will kill our Rakshasha friend! Ali-Demara leaves behind some $$ and potions, also a 6x9 flying carpet that can hold up to 800 pounds.

LoQun's Rod of Rulership has nearly everyone under her control. LoQun wants to take someone else out to expand her queendom. The priest wants the wedding to over. People will remember whatever happened to them under LoQun's spell. We decide to just have a party for the remaining seven hours. Some questions are asked: "Is there anyone who is part of the Will?" - 0 people respond. "Heard of it?" - about 65 people. One person knows someone in the Will. A lady named Susan wearing a shitty dress knows a low-level member. Last she heard, he was going to Devereaux - to Blanche! We learn his name is Steve and that he left about 4 days ago. We get Susan a better dress and feed her, but then we need to leave.

Durga really wants to ride the magic carpet back to Blanche. The rest of us take the caravans. Durga obviously gets back first and finds the city under siege. There are smoky grasshopper monsters that can fly at the walls and doors attempting to break in. Durga does some scouting while waiting for the rest of the crew to show up. The monsters seem commanded and keep focused on the main door.

Durga flies the carpet into the city and into LoQun's house. She goes to see a guard (that she maybe slept with) and offers to help. She comes up with a wet rock situation and finds that dumping water on the beasts knocks them on the ground.

In the distance, three humanoid figures approach. They are perceived to be the commanders. 1.) White dude with head tattoos and two guitars, 2.) Woman with full armor and a cloth mask over her face, 3.) Older half-orc man with sword and red and gold robes. We decide number 3 is Steve.

The crew shows up the next morning. Fade poisons the Mad Max-ish #1 and Aceldama finishes him off.  LoQun dissonant whispers a spear man and frightens him away. The monsters attack all of us. Durga clears out the board and takes out the armor lady.

The Return of the Rod of Rulership. We need to interrogate Steve. He basically blathers fanatic nonsense and holds some racism against gods. Blanche is a target of attack because of LoQun...

The Will are on an extra plane using the Tiefling sword to attack gods with the goal of exterminating them. Things are shitty for us because LoQun is undergoing the process to transition into a god.

LoQun sends Steve back to the Will as a "controlled messenger" with an instruction to them - Stay Away From Blanche Assholes!

LoQun ascends ....we are both happy for her and are at a loss without our somewhat evil leader...