Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fast Forward Two Years (3/24/16)

It's been two years since Sered/LoQun ascended. Blanche has turned into a city of ruin. There are gangs everywhere, and rampant fighting. Nyland has taken control of Devereaux. Hollis is the Queen's bitch. Zbornak has not been taking this well - was in a truce, but now wants to go to war with Nyland (Cold War Situation).

The crew has settled in Flume, a city-state outside of Petrillo. It's in a forest near a river, and people have to take boats to get anywhere. All of our reputations were intertwined with Sered, so we couldn't stay in Blanche. Here's the recap:
Durga and Aceldama usually kick it at The Tufted Deer Pub. Treasure-seekers/bounty hunters/bouncers for the pub.
Fade gets further involved in the Shadowfell organization.
Xolo roams around the countryside and pops up sporadically.
Fah Efro also made her way to Flume when Blanche fell.
D. Bearcharger (a new acquaintance) already lived in Flume. Has been studying in the forest. Kinda a loner monk, but comes into the pub from time to time.

We all heard some whispers about treasure in the woods. It might be bullshit, but we could at least get control of some trading road.

We see a cave mouth in a clearing through a non-animal created path. Hear some creatures going down the tunnel; perceive that it is probably some underground troll-like creatures. Durga kills a grimlock, but its scream summons three more beasties.

Eventually we come to a purple/reddish flame wall. Encounter a hook horror. After the fight, the Hook Horror runs away. D. Bearcharger has a thunderwave spell to push the hook dude through the flame wall. Everyone except Aceldama holds on to the body and goes through the wall too.

After some time. the others in the crew kill both corpses and stand them up so Aceldama can squeeze through.

We enter a room with five tunnels branching off. We take option E: a room full of grimlocks. We clear them out. Down a wide tunnel we find treasures [4000 gold, 1 amethyst, 1 pearl, 1 taurmaline {Durga takes the $$$, Aceldama the gems}, a hat of disguise & staff of adder for Fah, sword of vengeance for DBC]

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