Monday, January 11, 2016

Meet Fah Efro

Lo'Qun is in Hollis not just for a treaty, but also for some magical items. We questioned Timothy Phreak about this, but of course he isn't helpful. While poking around, we run into Fah Efro - a half-elf sorcerer looking for a new outlaw life. Also looking for $$ and a talisman under Hollis...

We decide that we could use more talent for protecting Devereaux, so Lo'Qun hires Fah on a probationary period. The dungeon is pretty dank. There's a flagstone floor and no light. Rumored to have been created by dwarves and left alone for centuries. We sense magic from the left.

Open a door. It's a large room. Aceldama and Fade end up falling. Lo'Qun, Durga, and Fah go into archway. Durga busts open a door and finds blood-covered walls. Lo'Qun gets demons to sign his book, feeds them, and then makes them leave. They serve her now, but aren't "servants".

Vagine lasers are back ! [and some other nonsense] The crew is into Fah and her whipping around a burning weave. Also, she does an arcane check and finds a stone of good luck.

We encounter an Earth Elemental (slow Keanu) that can move through stone and earth. It is resistant to bludgeoning, piercing, and poison. Lo'Qun does a kegel to get lasers to cross and do a lot of damage. Xolo is a rotten thief. Lo'Qun still gives him the Ring of Jumping, but no money. Durga gets a Sword of Vengeance; Fade a Cloak of Protection, Fah - something Elven. Aceldama does not get a present, but if there is an AC bonus treasure later, she has dibs. For now, 40% of the profit = 1802 gold pieces.

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