Thursday, December 3, 2015

5th Edition! Xolo! Lo'Qun! Gender Adjustments! (11/12/15)

It's been a few months. We went back to Blanche and the big news is that Sered is no longer Sered, but "Lo'Qun - Exarch of the Branch" her former drag identity and is back to ruling HER city. She was reincarnated into an evil Deva (Rakshasa) with a tiger head and upside down hands.

We all return to stabilize and learn more about Lo'Qun's transformation. Despite new tiger/hand characteristics, can still look like Sered. Ioun now has the Prothumia, but there is still a conflict over what to do with the book (hide vs.public) Ioun also wants knowledge to free everyone. Tries to sever ties with Sered's link to zer God. Makes a pact with the Prothumia to protect zerslef from dying, but becomes a Rakshasa to live (a type of warlock). The book is the source of her power.

Xolo is our new friend. He had a falling out with a devil dude and met Fade at a rogue convention in Blanche.

Fade took off a headscarf and it turns out that he is a lady with white hair. Sister Githzerai time! Sad about losing her shadow power.

Durga has been drinking herself into oblivion.

Aceldama has been playing with and training her new panther kitten, Amparo. The panther was a present from Lo'Qun.

There have been no teleportation times from Nave. Fade's ties to the Shadowrealm have become strained. Sered's falling out with Ioun made the Raven Queen mad, so she took away all of our presents.

Blanche is having a poverty time. Lo'Qun is still in charge, but the Council basically runs things. Hollis is a neighboring city whose borders are growing closer to Worlington. Worlington tries to make a public show of belonging to Nyland (because fancier) as big fuck you  to Devereaux. They are trying to secede.

The girl gang is accompanying L'Qun to a trade agreement. Timothy Phreak is the key dude to get involved with keeping Blanche in power. Lo'Qun is paying us to keep her company. We take a black carriage to make an entrance.

The goal is to forge an alliance with Hollis and to war against Worlington. Xolo is looking for the bathroom. Fade is creeping around behind the guards. Timothy wants to know what Blanche can offer. Lo'Qun intimidates straight-off. Wants fealty sworn. Offers to work together to get Worlington.

Xolo and Fade are in the shadows. Lo'Qun can telepathically communicate 30 feet in any direction. We fight with the guards until they are dead. Timothy Phreak was subjected to several illusions, but is freed from them. Lo'Qun declares him her bitch with her creepy hand while he stares down milky tentacles.

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