Thursday, June 18, 2015

Guest DM: Colin

Camden - a Genasi choas elemental swordmage kicks it with us for the day.

We all wake up in identical, but separate situations. We are each stuck in a maze with tall walls, but we can see the sky. Once everyone makes it through their maze, they find themselves trapped in a 10x10x10 box and encounter a raspy-voiced creature. Camden is transported to an island in an ocean. There's another island (Island of Truth/Island of Lies)

Aceldama is faced with a man accused of multiple murders. If she decides he is guilty, he will be executed; if innocent, free to go. Aceldama deems him innocent, but he wasn't so her hands are stained red for the rest of her life.

The rest of the crew answers their riddles and then we meet up with each other in arena with spectators. A purple-robed dude with a staff and severed hand, similar raspy voice appears. Transdimensional beings. Two seven-feet tall, blue skins, tusks, white frizzy hair. One has a spear and the other a mace. Noreak kills them both. We have the choice to fight the purple robe dude instead of fighting each other.

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