Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cheeto Dies (12/9/2014)

We awake from our battleground dream and find that the library in Blanche is burning. Can't find Cheeto or Fade. When we reach the entryway of the library, we find the librarian is dead. Rushing through the door are city guards holding torches. When we leave the library, find people from the city behind a line of guards.

But before - 3 guards attack the party. Duvall Feelin is a rich banker that was not involved with the Black Book Club, but is a super powerful politician. He knows that we killed most of the people in charge, so we can't stay in Blanche.

SERED FINALLY CRITICALLY HIT SOMETHING. He summoned some ghostly fiery blades and shot Duvall dead. The guards were getting paid by him, so they back off once he's dead. BLANCHE IS OVER. Sered takes control of the city.

Durga talks to one of the guards. Feelin just wanted us out of town. The librarian was just controlled.

A WOMAN APPEARS! Well-dressed Nave is the exarch of the Raven Queen. Sered sees a flash of snow, crows, ravens, branches, and the base of a tree. Fade can tell that it is the Shadowfell and has a vision - the gods are trying to kill us and we have to reunite with Cheeto to get Fade. The Raven Queen gives us some presents.

Nave opens a portal. Cheeto is still possessed by Clayton's sword. This portal shows us a rocky outcropping, red, with gnarled plants. We look for clues. The Raven Queen is chill with Sered's god Ioun.

Aceldama discovers some footprints, some of which look demonic. Continue to the valley to a small town with a lake, and so much burning called Avante. Carnage demons attack.

We find Cheeto with a blank face in a cute house. He cries and screams and Durga talks to him. He walked into town with everyone else and had a dream time. More demons appear and....CLAYTON! He escapes yet again, but destroys Cheeto. Cheeto is dead.

Nave stabilizes everyone else. Clayton leaves once he gets the Tiefling sword. His wife Miriam was super popular, but died in childbirth. Clayton wanted to bring her back to life. Has been trying to gather power from the Prothumia...something about Orcus...

[sidebar: the Raven Queen used to be the God of the Dead but relinquished that power - did not relinquish the doorway between death and life. Anti-resurrection]

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