Friday, June 12, 2015

That Time We Killed a Baby (9/18/14)

Poor people are into us; rich people think we are vigilantes. There is currently a political vacuum in Blanche.

The city of Razabuh is teaming with magical energy - a place of despair and terror. Children under 9 are acting possessed and try to leave town. The first night, many are found dead or missing. The second night, kids are locked up. This only happens during a full moon.

One month later, our crew shows up during the first night of the full moon and the town thinks it is cursed.

Cheeto has returned from a meditation time and has gained control over the sword that used to possess him.

Something powerful in the northern part of the city. Otar, a homeless man, is looking for his son. His son is 11, but mentally challenged, so also missing.

Sered and Noreak find the guard headquarters. Derajohn - distraught, PTSD, distracted. All the kids are found dead in the southeast corner of the city in a forest area. The jail is right next to the guard place and there's a necromancer.

We find another person who is out of town. Her name is Valerie and she has been here a month and saw when the children left last time. She noticed that their eyes were blacked out (like that dude from Limp Bizkit). She's been staying with Koba, an innkeeper, where we could probably stay too if we do a favor.

Fade and Cheeto go to Koba. He's worried about his daughter and his wife is a city guard. Sered and Noreak go see the necromancer Griggle and learn that he is part of the Vecknacult that uses the souls of children for demonic purposes. He was in deep in the cult, but not practicing anymore. The mob strikes the jail.

Aceldama and Durga talk to some crazy lady that knows what happened. There was a curse from some god Sinine (trickery, illusions, loves to keep to the shadows - a favorite deity among elves and halflings). He's mad about not recognizing polygamy.

A cleric is ranting for people to repent. Some other lady is yelling about Griggle being the problem. Sered is set on killing Griggle and dissolves his body.

Arrows start falling out of the sky and there are archers on the roof. There are many dead babies, and one crying baby named George. Clayton shows up. A spike comes out of George's mouth and ghostly spider legs appear.

Sered kills the spider baby. The children reanimate and are crying. Their parents come and are reunited with their children.

The Prothumia can be used to summon freaky creatures.

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  1. this is where shit starts to get real! can't wait for the next posts