Thursday, December 3, 2015

Meet Misty, listen to "I'm Not a Slave 4 U" (5/29/15)

We have to leave Blanche. We don't know what's up with Nave, so Sered puts Anastasia (a parliament member) in charge of the city while we are gone. Fade has been developing a relationship with his horse Misty.

After one day of highway horse travel, we set up camp past the prairie in the woods. At the end of the third day we get attacked by a basic bitch, a nerd, a junkie, and two other creeps with warhammers.

The Veknacult attacks us to get the Prothumia. On the fourth day we get to the temple. The Githzerai siblings and Durga get a drink. Noreak and Sered head to the temple where they encounter Ohad, a high priest and librarian.

Ioun is realmmates with "Caroline & Paypal". Sered negotiates with Ohad since he can't do the ritual to contact Ioun. Ohad wants to put the book in the opulent library, but in the restricted section. Sered is concerned about what happens if the Veknacult comes and beats up the priests. As a compromise, they agree to give the book to Ioun as an offering. Noreak performs Flames of Purity, but the book won't light on fight. Sered tries Purging Flame then Balefire- it all just falls into a mountain.

Meanwhile at the bar...Fade and Aceldama confirm that they are siblings and they share the love of Githzerai hits such as "I Don't Want No Slaves" and "I'm Not a Slave 4 U". Durga whips out her boobs.

The crew climbs down the path from the Eye of Vireo. Misty the Black Stallion has to stay behind. We encounter Volar and some Paladins who found the Prothumia. Durga uses some titty-diplomacy. Volar wants the knowledge shared with everyone. Concerns about counterspells, and then Fade announces that "it had been a while" since we all went to church.

Volar and the group passes by. Durga, Sered, and Aceldama run up to the temple and hang out in the stacks. Meanwhile Noreak and Fade sneak and follow behind them.

Volar gives Ohad the book. Ohad thinks that not all knowledge should be public, and reiterates that it should be placed in a restricted area. We kill everyone in the library, except Ohad, who we still want to talk to. Consequences?? Cliffhanger...

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