Tuesday, September 8, 2015

People Didn't Have TV Back Then (5/7/15)

Things we are concerned about 1.) Veknacult 2.) Orcus 3.) Tiefling sword

Back in Blanche...
Sered's compound is like the Black Book Club's mansion, but unsullied and near the city center. It's Duvall Feelin's former residence. Sered reads the Prothumia.

The Tiefling sword helps bridge realms. Th Veknacult super wants the Prothumia. The Orcus Cult wants the Tiefling Sword to attack the Raven Queen. Also THE WILL...

Sered is "angel investing" in Blanche/New Dealing it up to get the population back on his side.

Fade is hitting up bars for rumors. There are rumblings about Lamarcus. Randall Arden - head of the farmer guild - is trying to get things in order. Everyone likes him. He's trying to get others besides merchants involved in politics.

Durga and Aceldama interrogate the Duchess. She says:
1.) Lamarcus is fancy but dumb minion of Orcus with agents looking for the sword. She doesn't know where Lamarcus is - more concerned with the sword. He took orders from Lord Gazelion (RIP). No luck finding the Tiefling sword. Someone is probably using it to travel between realms.
2.) the Will - might have been involved with the murder of Clayton von Trashperson. They might have the sword and attack Orcus sometimes.
3.) Upcoming rituals/Cult of Orcus events - the last one was the big one, but antsy about attacking the Raven Queen- need the sword
4.) She has an incurable disease - a genetic problem, which is why she wanted to become a vampire. She's not that connected to the scene.
5.) Her army will attack Blanche to rescue her

Sered and Noreak study and decode the Prothumia. There are spells to create armies, monsters, distraction. Pulling things from other realms, raising the dead, etc. Sered wants to give the book to his god Ioun.

Larmarcus is giving speech. Brings Randall up on stage, who then endorses Larmarcus. Fade waits until the end of the speech, then follows Lamarcus. He has two guards and meets up with a lady (she looks very strong with a big sword turned up at the end) and her six knights. They look like the knights from the party and definitely belong to the Duchess. Fade eavesdrops and hears "army attacks in the next two days". The lady is aggressive, but not evil. Wants to secure the Duchess before sending in the army.

A thief breaks in and tries to unlock the Duchess. Durga kills him, but before that happens, Fade tries to take out Lamarcus and has to retreat. Three more creeps are on the roof. We kill them all. Then Sered gives a speech in front of the gathering "We have been attacked by the Cult of Orcus and Lamarcus is an Orcus cultist. Things aren't great, but we have to work together, plus here's some $$$"

Then lady knight comes with her knights. They are from the Isle of Soiph. The lady warrior uses her curved sword to exhaust foes before decapitating them. Her name is Thelma, and she is the Duchess' wife. She demands her wife back, or to send in the army. We propose a trade of Lamarcus for the Duchess. [Thelma knows the Cult of Orcus has been razed]. The Duchess is still blabbing about a land grab in Blanche. Durga slips her number to Thelma.

Sered has another speech. We decide whether to publicly execute Lamarcus. People didn't have tv back then. Agree on public humiliation instead. Randall is the guest of the honor.

Multi-week Montage - Orcus comes - tries to rescue Lamarcus - Fails. Public isn't super into our public humiliation time - Randall thinks the farmers should have more power - in negotiations with Sered. Blanche is kinda like a monarchy with a Parliament and seems pretty stabilized.

Outstanding problems: 1) The Will 2) Tiefling Sword 3) Where's Nave? 4) Gotta hide the Prothumia with Ioun 5) Veknacult?

Noreak and Sered need to commune with Ioun by doing a ritual. TBC.

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