Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hallucinatory Castle Island (2/10/2015)


Nave teleported people where they wanted to go. Three months pass. A mourning and training period.

Sered has been busy controlling Blanche. The economy has collapsed, but farmers in the countryside seem to be doing okay because they control the resources that supply Blanche.

No one has seen Fade.

There's a snow time that turns out to be an illusion. Clayton has been undetectable since he took the sword. Needs to be killed. Mission: Assassination. Clayton is in cahoots with Orcus (the god of Afterlife and Death). Teleporting into a weird in-between zone through the Shadowfell to new realm.

Blood red sky - floating obsidian island with a brutalist castle. There are crevices and a large tower. We tie some ropes together and pull Sered up. Everyone else ascends through other means - teleportation, athletic jumping, etc.

Two humanoid demonspawn attack. It's a trippy encounter with different characters have different perceptions. There's a blood slide. Shadar-Kai are gothy shadow people and a chain demon. We have a super weird time, and it becomes clear that some people are hallucinating.

We go into a room and discover that Clayton is dead. He died of auto-sword asphyxiation. There's an earthquake and a fault opens. Everything falls into the crevice. Wake up back in the other world with Nave.

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