Sunday, May 31, 2015

the Black Book Club (8/28/14)

While Aceldama was out in the Tinder Forest, Hausu cats attack. Sered vanishes into thin air and Noreak closes the rift between two worlds. The other heroes fight a shitty dragon.

Back in the library in Blanche...Pointless Glitter Wizard is back. He is begging tearfully for help because his cleric sister Claudia gets tied up in sex slavery.

The seedy part of Blanche - the Lower Bottoms - is getting more influence and sex slavery is on the rise. Claudia worships the sun god and is a super good noble who believes in relieving suffering. We haggle for 35% up front and the use of Gaulder's teleportation skills.

Once we reach Lobot, we come across the Rusty Nail Club full of murderers and creeps, and a pearl-like fancy maple syrup that people are using to get high. Rampant drug problems. Noreak basically lights the bar on fire. However, Sered saved the bartender and converts him to become "God-curious."

Ludlow AKA "Luddy" is the main pearl dealer and has a gaudy estate close to Lobot. Sered shoots crotch-chains to bind the guards and Luddy. Durga intimidates Luddy and he spills it - Claudia had come to him to ask him to stop selling pearl.

BLACK BOOK CLUB - wealthy mason-like group that is using pearl as recreation. They got bored and started raping other races. Nathan Broadmore hosts.

Durga chokes out Luddy and Aceldama decapitates the guards. We don't clean up our shit.

There is a dungeon in the lowest level of the house. We hear grunts and screaming and then see some expensive clothes, which leads us to believe ---ORGY?
There are 11 men naked, but not currently chained. Glitter Wizard turns one dude into a toad. Nathan Broadmore  has a chode.

We find Claudia, but then Glitter Wizard disappears, and Claudia tells us that she doesn't have a brother. In a rare mood of anti-violence, Aceldama takes Claudia to get a drink while everyone else kills off the rest of the Black Book Club.

And we realize - WE STILL NEED OUR $$$ GLITTER WIZARD!!!!

(Fade wants to free the people and the animals)

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