Thursday, September 3, 2015

All in Our Minds (3/12/2015)

Nave is talking to the Raven Queen. Lithurnia is the Raven Estate. We have to solve the mystery of Clayton's death!

We need the help of a powerful psionic. Sered sits out because a) he's trying to keep Blanche under control b) does not care about Clayton and c) is busy worshipping himself

We teleport to a tall tower in a forestry area. There is a small human sitting on a pillow. His name is Zotir and he's going to help us out. He takes us back to the time when we all saw Clayton dead. Cue incense lighting...

There's a large tavern and a bar brawl. Must kill tha mob.

Grassy hilltop with a glowing runestone that Noreak doesn't recognize. The sun keeps getting brighter and brighter, but then Fade covers the rune with some of his shade. Then it gets really cold. Aceldama touches her flaming axe to the rune and everything gets old.

We all appear underwater, but of course it's really blood. There's a small island in the distance. There are shark fins everywhere and the sharks have axes for their heads. Noreak gets everyone to the island. We find a cute kitten and don't kill it.

Purple filter on a twisty hallway. A black shadowy figure that looks just like Fade.

Stiched together shared memories of Clayton's death. There's a symbol on the fancy rug - an alchemy symbol. Leaning back in a weird way...blood running down. We find that he was depressed and he threw himself into the sword. Zotir comes floating back over Clayton. Zotir becomes a young blue dragon and attacks us.

Back 2 Life, Back 2 Reality

We fight the psionic dude (Zotir) and his copy dies and the body gets absorbed into something....

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