Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Goth Party-crashing (4/3/15)

Nave has another mission: the Cult of Orcus' Prince of Demons wants to kill the Raven Queen. The worshippers want to become vampires and zombies and the undead.

Gotta sneak into the necropolis. There's a culty center of town, but no substantial magic. Obsidian government-like building with light coming from the building. Orcus members are into drinking blood.

There are torches in the basement. The light is of a purplish color and there are red tapestries. Essentially, it's a goth party with waitstaff. There are about 40 fancy people on the mezzanine and another 250 people on the main floor. Some people have guards with them.

Fade knocks out a waiter and steals his clothes. Sered sews an outfit from the red velvet curtains and creates a black lace mask. Durga and Aceldama act as guards to Sered.

The crowd is excited about Lord Gazelion who is conducting the ritual. We talk to one guy who was affiliated with the Black Book Club (knew Nathan Broadmore). Find out that Lamarcus Tinker is planning to take over Blanche as a tyrant to get money to fuel Orcus' army.

Sered meets the Duchess who reveals that Lord Gazelion has possession of the Prothumia. She has agent looking for the Tiefling sword.

Durga kills a knight/guard. Lord Gazelion is trying to network with the Veknacult. Fade kills Devlin after he gives up some info.

Lord Gazelion is killed by Fade's shadow friend/minion [because he can do that now!?!] Prothumia is found on the body.

Sered takes the Duchess back to his place to get info - CANNOT KEEP HER AS A SLAVE (the Githzerai aren't down)

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