Saturday, May 30, 2015

Arena Time Continues (6/5/14)

Still battling Clayton von Trashperson...

Globs of translucent slime oozes. Cheeto kills an ooze with fire damage. Durga inflicts massive fire damage to five ninjas. Aceldama takes out some grey slime. Sered invokes his god.

Cheeto gets stabbed by Clayton creating a red crackly time. Attacks Sered with mind control. Aceldama kicks the sword out of hand, lands on the ground, but then goes back into the hands repossessed. Light engulfs Cheeto and unpossessed Cheeto takes the sword.

Clayton takes off. No explanation - not resolved. Sered gets the impression that the sword is still fused with Cheeto, but he has control of his faculties.

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