Saturday, May 30, 2015

Nightmare Epidemic (3/31/14)

Nightmares become an epidemic in the city of Malt. We return to Blanche to get Cheeto (a shapeshifter) and arrive just before nightfall. Everyone is haggard and hysterical from lack of sleep, and everything is boarded up. Malt is a small walled city where everything is made of stone. Short buildings and only one gate to get in.

HISTORY: Malt used to have a longer name. They have been at war with the Tieflings (who don't have their own realm), and the farmers in this town suffered from an ethnic cleansing 300 years ago. Old rambling women and merchants - 3 weeks of nightmares. Always seeing horned things - screaming, blood in shadows. Some people see ghosts.

Sered senses weird energies (but not necrotic) more "chaotic arcs of energy" - OCCULT?

The Muscle Crew goes to the barracks. Talks to Guard Captain and finds that people are stealing sleep aids from the apothecary. He's panicky, but not violent. Worried about riots. People having the same nightmares.

One person has disappeared before the nightmares started. His name was Amnon and he was a Tiefling blacksmith apprentice. A young bachelor..

People come to the Inn worried that their homes are possessed. However, recently the innkeeper also had nightmares. Adrik - a dwarf blacksmith has also seen ghosts. The Tiefling War Museum is closed and a ghost appears below the museum. The blacksmith is upset about the disappearance of his apprentice.

The shop was in disarray when he left - ghosts show up all the time beckoning him to follow them. Found Amnon's journal.

We break into the museum and scale the walls to follow the ghosts.

Pass a former graveyard. Crypt Kruthick live in warrens. We kill three of them and a bunch of hatchlings. Enter a bloody forge underground. A dude with the Prothumia teleports in and Amnon is at the anvil. There is a sword made of the Tieflings' blood in the old war.

Ennath summons panther spirits/ghosts to remove fire. Amnon has been in a trance and his nightmares have been infecting the town...

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