Saturday, May 30, 2015

Eye of Vireo + Noreak (6/19/14)

Balasar and Ennath retire from the crew due to procreation obligations. We pick up this Eladrin Runepriest, Noreak, to help round out the gang.

Back to Blanche and the Master Librarian. Sered partially got Cheeto's mind back, but we still don't know if he is possessed or not.

THE EYE OF VIREO - is an artifact that can help our crew find the Prothumia and Clayton. We head to some abandoned ruins up north. They are made of black stone, craggy, snowy, and blizzardy. Avalanches are a problem. The ruins have been carved into a crater.

Yeti howlers - wailing ghosts of those killed in avalanches. Premature death. Howls precede avalanche time. Aceldama and Noreak kill some yetis. Then we get into a dungeon.

Found some magic items: Aceldama gets some Walk on Water Boots, Fade gets some Shadow Leaf Armor, Noreak gets a Belt of Vigor, and Durga some Gauntlets of Overstrength.

We come across Vireo's ghost. Aceldama kills that dude, but he leaves behind a crystallized eye (see above). She gives it to Noreak for safe-keeping.

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