Sunday, May 31, 2015

Meet the Glitter Wizard (7/9/14)

One yeti escapes, but we have the Eye of Vireo to find magic things. Durga crumbles a wall to a tunnel.

Ghostfleshseekers - progeny of cannibalism, pure evil - dig tunnels under spooky shit. The tunnels are dangerous and force solo contact.

Gaulder (the Glitter Wizard) snaps his fingers to spell out a name in fireworks. He wants the Eye of Vireo and is accompanied by four bandits. Throws a missile. The minions are pointless. Gaulder lightning strikes and hits Fade, but misses everyone else.

We should have killed him, but he escaped - all his spells were failures.

Later at the bar...Aceldama and Fade discover that they were on the same plantation back home, but don't press further about information. Too many bad memories.

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