Saturday, May 30, 2015

Zombies in a town like Soledad ("It's Happening" - 3/6/14)

People are getting murdered by a shadow in a small town called Tellyar (like Soledad).

There's a Blacksmith, an Inn, and a Dry Goods Shop. At the Inn we find out from Alamon the innkeeper that there have been five murders at night - all killed in their beds.  The blacksmith (George) saw his own daughter killed.

Darrell is a forester killed in an accident (a tree fell on him). His wife Sandra is in mourning. Charlie (alive, drunk, & distraught) and his brother Sam (a potato farmer with purple marks on his neck) are also present at the inn. Susan is a chatty neighbor who mentions rituals to appease forest spirits and talks about a cat. Elle is the barmaid - runs into Ennath (our Wilden Shaman) at the store. Elle was sleeping with two dead foresters. The first, Borrow,  into beer and poetry, but kinda a boring dude. The second, Glenn, is from Blanche and Elle is into him.

The shadow gets stronger with each kill. Find a crypt "Simenon" in graveyard - a spiritual drain, "necromantic shit"


Sered destroys the altar/obelisk. Ennath's panthers kill the demon! Sandra had tried to resurrect her husband, but in fact created a necrotic portal.

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